Right Side Up - Sermon Series

Preaching Series

Right-Side Up View of an Up-side Down world 

April 30 - June 25, 2023


Bob Jones and I are planning to preach through a series based on the kingdom parables of Jesus. The title “Right-side up view of an upside-down world.”

This might be a revelation for some but Jesus did not come primarily to set up the church. His purpose was to inaugurate the Kingdom. In all his teaching he only mentions church in one message - and only in its missional sense. So I think this is an important observation. The church reflects the kingdom as it lives out the values of the kingdom in the community of the “called”. The kingdom is much larger than the church and at times even at odds with the church. This is evident through history, particularly when the church had greater political and cultural influence. We need not point out the many ways in which the church failed to reflect the values of the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of Jesus, when it failed not only to live up to those values but participated in their demise. Do we need to mention the inquisition, the promotion of slavery, residential schools etc? The list is embarrassingly quite long.  

So, we would like to reflect on, again perhaps, what Jesus was trying to communicate with all those parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. What are we to make of them? and how might we respond to them? Here is a schedule of the preaching schedule. I trust this will be a fruitful journey for all of us.

April 30 


Matthew 13:3-9


 May 07


Matthew 13:18-23


May 14

The Growing Seed

Mark 4:26-29


May 21

Wheat / tares

Matthew 13:24-25


May 28

Mustard Seed/Leaven

Matthew 13:31-35


June 04

Hidden Treasure/ Pearl

Matthew 13:44-45


June 11

Tax Collector / Pharisee

Luke 18:9-14


June 18

Vineyard Workers

Matthew 20:1-16


June. 25


Matthew 13:470-52


Peace and Grace,

Tom Mei